What happens when two pop icons get together? A unique project born to celebrate the spirit of freedom and the passion for style and design through an explosive mix of creativity that brings together coolness, pop culture and contemporary flair.

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An Italian Style Icon The elegance of the 1960’s with the new LEGO® Vespa 125

Get a taste of genuine Italian style with the new LEGO® Vespa 125 model inspired by the iconic Vespa Piaggio. This elegant 1,106 piece set is designed to help style lovers find a moment of mindfulness through LEGO building as they step back in time to create this elegant display piece.

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An Italian Style Icon

The power of Vespa brand The elegance of the 1960’s with the new LEGO® Vespa 125

In a recent study report issued by Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, describes Vespa as “a unique and iconic brand that is recognised at an international level.” The inclusion in the list of the best global brands also put an economic value on the power of the brand for the first time.

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The power of Vespa brand

Inheriting the classic and irreverent DNA peculiar to Vespa, the magazine talks about art, design, food, music, cinema, travel and fashion. Through catching lifestyle stories and focus on new trends, it offers a reading that redefines the rules of contemporary life.

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Vespa Magazine

The Vespa Racing Sixties

A special series inspired by the racing world's most classic and evocative aesthetics is back from an era when racing was at its peak.

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Vespa Racing Sixties
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The Vespa Elegante

Inspired by the picturesque beaches of the Italian coastline, Vespa Elegante adds a feel of the unique Italian craftsmanship that translates into tailored style and comfort with a luxurious appeal.

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The Vespa SXL

For the ones who believe in setting trends with their style, Vespa SXL is for you. Every trip is a memory, all thanks to the upgraded features that give you a top-notch riding experience.

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The Vespa VXL

The flagbearer of our iconic lineage has arrived with its unique design and values yet a contemporary outlook. Make way for the Vespa VXL.

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