The Vespa Elegante

Inspired by the picturesque beaches of the Italian coastline, Vespa Elegante adds a feel of the unique Italian craftsmanship that translates into tailored style and comfort with a luxurious appeal.

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The Vespa SXL

For the ones who believe in setting trends with their style, Vespa SXL is for you. Every trip is a memory, all thanks to the upgraded features that give you a top-notch riding experience.

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The Vespa VXL

The flagbearer of our iconic lineage has arrived with its unique design and values yet a contemporary outlook. Make way for the Vespa VXL.

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The Vespa Racing Sixties

A special series inspired by the racing world's most classic and evocative aesthetics is back from an era when racing was at its peak.

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Vespa Racing Sixties


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